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Perhaps a bit late to the party. But has anyone found a way to use this extension without exposing all the sound files to the player?

Nice work!

Does it allow for the playback of fmod events?

Is there any way to change the panning and volume of individual sounds without altering an entire channel?

any document for help?

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Anyone knows if I can play audio directly from the imported resources in Game Maker or it needs to be external files? I'm trying to make it play a file I imported directly to it but it crashes. :(


Currently, FMODGMS can only read external files. I'll try to see if there is a way to play imported sound resources.

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I guess this has long since gone irrelevant. But i thought i'd mention in case anyone else wants to find this out.

If you want to play internal sound files with fmodgms then you can write something like. Granted that the file is set to streamed_compressed in GMS

FMODGMS_Snd_LoadSound(working_directory + "song_name.ogg");

Delay effect? Also can effects be stacked or is it only one per track? And finally how customization are the dsp effects? dry/wet,  reverb time and density?

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  • There is an echo effect (FMODGMS_EFFECT_ECHO) you can add to channels to get a delay effect.
  • Multiple effects can be added and chained together for any given channel using FMODGMS_Chan_Add_Effect.
  • Effect parameters can by set with  FMODGMS_Effect_Set_Parameter. I still need to write up the documentation on what effects have which parameters.

I'm running the demo in GMS2 with the yoyo compiler, and haven't change anything in the project, but still i get that FMOD failed to load...

I just uploaded a new build of the extension and demo. Trying running it and see if it works now.

Where can i find a tutorial about this extension?


I don't have a tutorial written up yet (it's on my to-do list), but you can try poking around the source code for the demo program:
GM:S 1.4:
GMS 2:

Uh, allrigth! Thanks a lot!

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The extension is working in GMS 2 with windows(YYC), but i can't get it to work with Ubuntu, it says it cant find

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edit: I didn't see there was a sample project inside the src folder. That should have been clearer! Thank you for your work! :) After a bit of debugging I got a song to play!

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Does this let you import and playback events made in Fmod Studio?

I really would love it... can someone confirm if we can load and play Fmod Studio events ?

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Is the demo program crashing or is the extension crashing your game?

I got a few crashes because I was trying to play a file that was not loaded. The loading failed because the index was incorrect. It turns out that renaming an included file from explorer.mod to explorer and then back to explorer.mod in game maker makes its name bogus. So I just renamed it back to simply explorer and it worked.


Brilliant stuff ^_^