Enter the exciting world of... pixel art restoration? Buy second-hand broken art and the pixels needed to fix them, then sell the restored art for a profit, hopefully. The value of pixels and pixel art fluctuate depending on market forces, remember to buy low, sell high.

How to Play

Step 1: Buy broken pixel art.
Step 2: Buy pixels.
Step 3: Repair pixel art.
Step ?: Observe market trends.
Step 4: Sell pixel art and profit!
Step 5: Go back to Step 1.


dot.Market 2.0.1 4 MB
dot.Market 2.0.1 6 MB
dot.Market 2.0.1 4 MB

Development log


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Mixing these two very different genres had an enormously refreshing effect! I found it fun to gradually unlock the various broken paintings and then complete them. :) Now I imagine that there are still some news for effects on the pixel color stock market. :D "The giant blue Slime King died in an explosion, which leads us to an oversupply of light and dark blue pixels! The stock price crashes to the minimum!" or something like that! : D Anyway, the basic concept was very nice and therefore I recommended your game in our compilation article about the LOWREZJAM 2018. :) One minute of gameplay can also be watched at the end of the associated video. <3 Good job!

Best wishes,

There's nothing to buy after I've bought (and fixed and sold) the first piece of pixel art?

Which version were you playing (Windows/Mac/Linux/Web)? The game goes to a new "round" every minute (indicated by the countdown timer that appears on most screens). At the start of each round, 0 to 3 new pieces of broken pixel art are generated, but if the store is empty, then at least 1 should be generated.

Was playing the Web version. I didn't notice a timer anywhere. I can't say for certain but I'm almost positive I was playing for longer than a minute.

OK, so I found the problem. It was a bug specific to the itch.io production build where the game didn't initialize the game's save data properly the very first time the game was run. It could be circumvented by simply reloading the page, but I patched it so that it shouldn't happen now.

That fixed it, thank you! I had to reset the save file, but now it's all working like it should.