Worker #11812 Official Release

With the Finally Finish Something 2019 Jam coming to an end and the problems of getting a Linux build of the game working finally solved, I'm proud to say that Worker #11812 is ready for release!

It's been an interesting experience learning Phaser 3 for the web build and porting the whole thing over to GameMaker Studio 2 for the native builds. While I wasn't able to cover every topic I wanted to learn (namely, the game didn't involve any keyboard input, sound effect management, or physics), I still think I got a good grasp of the basics of Phaser 3.


Worker #11812 1.1.0 (Windows) 5 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Worker #11812 1.1.0 (Mac) 8 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Worker #11812 1.1.0 (Linux) 5 MB
Feb 04, 2019

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