Oh, look at all those colourful shapes falling from space. They look so pret- OH NO, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Careful, they look like they can poke your eye out! We really need to get rid of them...The only one who can exterminate them is this pink-feathered, uh, dinosaur-like... creature... thing... (or "Dinothing" for short) and some deadly lasers. (Pew pew.)


Left stick or D-pad can both be used for gamepad directional controls.


Action Keyboard Gamepad
Move cursor Up/Down Arrow Keys Up/Down
Change setting Left/Right Arrow Keys Left/Right
Confirm selection Enter Start


Action Keyboard Gamepad
Move Left/Right Arrow Keys Left/Right
Shoot Z Button 3
Dash X Button 1
Pause EscBack

How to Play

Shoot the floating enemies to make them explode and earn points. Each shape has its own unique shrapnel pattern, which can hit other shapes in a chain reaction and subsequently increase their point values.

Touching an enemy or a piece of shrapnel will make you lose 1 health point (HP). The game ends when you've lost all your HP. You start with 3 HP and they regenerate automatically as long as you don't take damage. Dashing can help you pass through enemies and shrapnel without taking damage.


This was a solo jam project for LOWREZJAM 2020, so pretty much everything was done by me, M.S.T.O.P.: game design, programming, art, sound design, and music composition. There is one exception:

Install instructions

Having trouble running the standalone game on macOS? Try the following:

  1. If you extracted the game in your Downloads folder, try moving it to another directory (e.g. Applications).
  2. Try opening the game by Control-clicking it and select "Open" from the pop-up menu. Click on "Open" again in the dialog.
  3. If all else fails, you can still play the game here in browser.


Dinothing Defender v1.1.0 3 MB
Dinothing Defender v1.1.0 5 MB
Dinothing Defender v1.1.0 3 MB
Dinothing Defender v1.0.0 (Jam version) 3 MB
Dinothing Defender v1.0.0 (Jam version) 5 MB

Development log

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