Arborescence 1.3 Released!

The main highlights are the much-needed high score feature and the Demo mode, mostly to show that every level has at least one solution to complete them.

  • Added high score feature
    • The highest level reached is displayed on the title screen
    • A trophy is displayed next to the level name in-game if the player has beaten their previous record
  • Added Demo mode. In this mode, Quell solves each level by herself without player input. High scores and quick saving are disabled in this mode
  • Replaced the key counter with a "moves available" counter
  • Improved fullscreen scaling
  • Fixed tweening glitch on menu buttons


Arborescence 1.3 6 MB
Dec 08, 2017
Arborescence 1.3 8 MB
Dec 08, 2017
Arborescence 1.3 7 MB
Dec 08, 2017

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